Chocolate Chip Cookie Larabar Knockoffs


As soon as I saw the idea for this recipe on Oh She Glows, I knew I had to try it out.  All of the goodness of chocolate chip cookies coming at you in the form of an energy bar.  Talk about chocolatey perfection.  And trust me, I was not disappointed!   Well, I was a little disappointed that the recipe only made half of what it should’ve.  I mean by the time it got to the baking sheet.  The other half was in my stomach.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  … [Read more]

Easy French Toast


It’s hard to find the perfect recipe.  You know, one that’s delicious, simple, and healthy all at the same time.  And when you find that recipe, you had better hang on to it, because you know you’ll probably never come across it … [Read more]

Wake-Me-Up Peachy Orange Juice


Do you like start your day with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee?  83% of American adults drink coffee, and 60% of them say that they have to have a cup to start their day.  Those coffee drinkers spend nearly $200 every year on coffee … [Read more]

Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Sandwich 2

Every morning when I wake up, I face a dilemma.  What should I wear?  Once I get that figured out, I come upon my next challenge: what should I do first?  Then the last most difficult question: What should I make to eat?  It's a … [Read more]

Filipino Pancit

pancit main

I’m spoiled.  I’ve got a husband who knows how to cook, garden, invent things, and best of all, he loves Asian food.  When Ryan heads to the kitchen, he comes up with the most creative variety of delicious tasting stir-fries.  He also … [Read more]

Black Bean Quinoa Mexi-Salad

quinoa salad 1

  Let’s face it guys: life gets busy.  Sometimes my blog shows it.  This last week was one of those weeks.  On top of working my regular day job as a nurse, this happened to be the week I took a 15-hour class for nursing.  I … [Read more]

Tofu Chicken Sandwich Spread

tofu spread 5

Ryan and I have gotten a lot of funny looks when we go grocery shopping.  We like to buy things in bulk and keep it around so we always have what we need on hand.  I’ll have to admit, our grocery cart can start looking pretty funny when … [Read more]