Meet Ryan & Kristi

Welcome to Veggie on a Penny.  We want this blog to give you exactly what our name says: healthy vegan recipes that won’t break the bank.  We created this blog to share the knowledge we’ve learned about being vegan through trial and error.  Most of our recipes use ingredients that you already have in your kitchen, and each dish will cost just a few dollars or less to make. If we use any ingredients that may be less common, we will always try to add a link to a place where you can purchase them.  New recipes will be posted every Sunday and Thursday, so check back often!

the glance

Hi, my name is Kristi. I love food.  I love eating food and making food.  I’ve been vegetarian since I was five. My parents decided it would be good for our family’s health.  On top of that, the animal cruelty in the meat industry is appalling.  When I was fourteen, I decided to go a step further and become vegan.  I was happy to shed a few pounds that had been hanging around for a while that didn’t need to be there.  I found it so much easier to stay at a good weight since I wasn’t eating so much fat from dairy. For me, becoming vegan was a little overwhelming.  Most recipes I found had stuff I had never heard of, most of which was pretty expensive and kind of hard to find.  A lot of recipes would cost in the $10-$20 range!  It’s hard to change the way you eat when it’s expensive and complicated. I want to share the simple, inexpensive recipes that I’ve learned over time with you.

I work as a pediatric nurse, and I love what I do.  Children make me happy and keep me laughing.  In my free time I like to garden, hike, and spend time with family of friends.  I love to play with my SLR camera and shoot pictures. Oh, and I love to be in my kitchen too, of course.

hey there Ryan

My husband, Ryan, also loves to cook.  His favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to experiment with flavors and food to create new, delicious recipes.  His main function on this blog, however, is handling the technical side of things at Veggie on a Penny.  He’s a genius at that.  Dental school keeps him busy most of the time.  However, when he gets free time, he also likes to spend time outdoors, work in the garden, fly airplanes or anything that will fly, and climb mountains.

We hope that you enjoy our homemade vegan recipes.  Our hope is that our simple and inexpensive recipes will help you enjoy a life full of the health and energy you’ve been looking for.

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