Favorite Vegan Blogs

Can I let you in on a little secret?  I’m not the only vegan food blogger! I thought I should let the cat out of the bag and share with you some other blogs that I love.  Here are my top ten favorite vegan food blogs that I am sure you will love too.

#1: Vegan Yumminess

Lindsay delivers simple and healthy vegan recipes with delicious pictures to match.  As a nurse and the mother of a toddler, she knows how to deliver wholesome food that will satisfy you and your family.

#2: Chocolate Covered Katie.

Katie’s unique blog features vegan desserts that taste like the real-deal for far less sugar and calories.  Creativity is the main ingredient in this scrumptious blog.  Katie sums up her blog best when she says, “I don’t want people to say that my food is good for being vegan, I want them to say it’s just plain good!”

#3: Oh She Glows.

Angela Liddon nails it with her wide array of vegan recipes.  Many of her recipes are also gluten-free, soy-free, and free of processed foods.  Angela captivates her readers with her personal story of how becoming vegan put meaning back into her life when she was at her lowest point.  This site is a must-visit.

#4: Healthy. Happy. Life.

Kathy Patalsky blows plain old vegan cooking out of the water.  Kathy takes awesome eating to the next level with her nutritious vegan recipes and stunning food photography.  Swing on by and stay for awhile at Healthy Happy Life.

#5: Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!

My best friend from nursing school directed me to this site after feeding me some mouthwatering soda bread she pulled out from her oven.  Check out this site for a variety of satisfying vegan eats.

#6: Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.

If you’re already vegan, I’m sure you’ve realized it is possible to eat vegan junk food 24/7 and gain a ton of weight.  Not so on Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.  Looking to shed a few pounds?  Susan Voisin’s creative blog will show you how with tasty recipes free of refined fats.

#7: Manifest Vegan.

Allyson Kramer’s recipes manifest themselves not only as vegan but as gluten free, too!  With a gluten-free concept on the rise and an exciting resurgence of veganism, this blog is a huge hit. And, with drool-worthy pictures like these, you’ll be licking the dishes right off your screen.

#8: Minimalist Baker.

John and Dana bring vegan baking to your family with stunning simplicity.  Their site features minimalistic recipes using few ingredients and few utensils. However, one of my favorite parts about this blog has been getting to know John and Dana themselves through their site and their love of simplicity.  If all of the recipes on the site were vegan, this site would certainly be my #1 on the list.

#9: Oh My Veggies.

Oh My Veggies will send you straight to your kitchen, recipes in hand, so that you can gobble up these delicious recipes.  Oh My Veggies is a pleasure to read and peruse featuring gorgeous food photography. All of the recipes are vegetarian and many are vegan.

#10: 101 Cookbooks.

Did I save the best for last?  This at-home food blog will captivate you with its rustic charm and simple appeal.  You will be inspired to feed your family wholesome food made from scratch, all the while reveling in the sensation of being hidden away in a secluded cabin in the forest.  All of the recipes are vegetarian and many are vegan.

What are your favorite blogs, either vegan or not vegan?  I’d love to hear!