Black Bean Quinoa Mexi-Salad

  Let’s face it guys: life gets busy.  Sometimes my blog shows it.  This last week was one of those weeks.  On top of working my regular day job as a nurse, this happened to be … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Salads

Here’s a simple way to eat healthy food all week long: prepare fresh salads in mason jars ahead of time.  I am so addicted to this concept.  I make a batch once a week so that I can take one … [Read more...]

Ten-minute Chili

My Dad’s been e-mailing me lately asking what recipes are quick and easy to make off my blog.  Hmmm… sorry Dad, not too many.  He said I need to start a section for “people on-the-go” … [Read more...]

Loaded Cheesy Baked Potato Soup

  I think it is no coincidence that I created this recipe in college.  What better thing could there be to calm a college student’s nerves and to help to ease their stress than some … [Read more...]